Reliable Renewable Energy for
Remote Northern Communities

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Our focus is on reliable renewable energy, energy storage and microgrids
for Northern communities that are not connected to an external power grid.

We develop, design, construct and operate hybrid renewable energy and energy storage systems. We help communities that traditionally use diesel generators as their main source of electricity to augment and replace the fossil-fuel energy with cleaner, more reliable sources.

Diesel generators are reliant on expensive fuel delivery, often on seasonal roads and with unreliable schedules. They tend to have high particulate pollution that can be very problematic, especially when air currents don’t disperse the exhaust.

And they contribute to climate change which is a particularly serious issue for the arctic. By using the natural energy of the sun and wind and earth, your community, project site, or remote installation saves fuel costs, health issues, and the climate!



Many communities in the arctic are very isolated, which frequently means they are not connected to larger power grids. Those that are, frequently experience long down-times due to the vast distances required by maintenance crews to travel to downed power lines. This leaves people vulnerable and severely inconvenienced.

Reliance on diesel generators comes with its own set of challenges, as

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The benefit of understanding our assets better prior to financing them is that uncertainty is reduced. This helps with monthly and annual expected revenue forecasting and with that more confident returns.

Basically, we invest to improve the assets long term technical and financial performance to maximise the return on the investment.

Over the past decade, we have helped gain finance for over 1 GW of utility scale wind and solar assets and we are translating this experience to help these smaller assets get the support they need.


Long-Term Ownership

Our focus from inception to operation is long term asset ownership. We understand that there are many diverse concerns around owning the assets, we aim to acknowledge these by making sure the assets are supported with appropriate technical and human resource support.

In our experience, training local people to be trained to support the assets enables a sense personal and community ownership, which helps the asset stay well maintained throughout its life. We also put in place modern control features that enable safe and efficient operation.